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Scrape Armor  BMW M235   2014 - 2016
Scrape Armor BMW M235 2014 - 2016
Our Price: $349.95 Exc GST
Scrape Armor provides durable front bumper scrape protection and prevents your front bumper from getting caught on parking curbs. It covers existing damage without changing the dynamic look of your front end. Because of our digital design process, the sleek, lightweight panel offers unparalleled protection and a perfect fit. The Scrape Armor protection panel comes with complete installation kit and instructions.

Advantages of the Scrape Armor Protection Panel:
- Prevents expensive damage to your front bumper
- Covers existing damage
- Lightweight and sleek
- Digital design process ensures a precision fit
- Proprietary technology offers the best protection
- Includes everything needed for an easy installation

Each piece of Scrape Armor is made from TEKLITEƒ?½ low-friction coefficient polymer. Lightweight and sleek yet amazingly strong, TEKLITEƒ?½ is engineered to expand and contract at the same rate as your bumper in any weather which helps minimize separation.

Scrape Armor features our patented GLIDETEKƒ?½ rail design, giving it a groove pattern that reduces the contact surface area by more than 50% yet still provides the protection needed. Less surface = less friction = maximum protection.


Scrape Armorƒ??s ELIPTEKƒ?½ edge profile ensures each piece is perfectly contoured on the front and back edges so your car wonƒ??t get hung up on a parking curb or other obstacle.