Reading Vehicle with VFlash


Download instructions


  • Navigate to
  • Download and install VFlash Client Setup.exe
  • These instructions below are generic for various model of vehicles. However, a vehicle file read process can take upwards of 25-35mins. We highly recommend connecting a battery charger to avoid excessive power drain. If the power drops below 10V, you are risking a bricked ECU.
  • Plug and secure the OBD cable to the VFlash device (cable is found under the device in box).
  • Plug the VFlash cable to the vehicle and turn on the ignition (engine OFF).
  • On the VFlash, the screen should come to life.
    • Select “WORK” from the Main Menu.
    • Select the brand of vehicle.
    • Select the model of vehicle.
    • Select the engine of vehicle.
    • Now follow the on-screen prompts to cycle key ON and OFF when requested.
    • You might be asked to confirm the flash protocol, if you made the correct model selection, you could just confirm the protocol.
    • If you needed to connect a battery charger, now is your last chance…
    • Select “READING”. Note: It is normal for dash/cluster to light up numerous lights and error msgs during this process.
    • You will be prompt to cycle key ON and OFF, please follow the instructions on the screen. Please note it is not uncommon for unit to request cycling ignition a +dozen times. This process can also take 25-35 minutes to complete.
    • Once the read process has finished, you will see a message stating “Reading ECU Completed”. Select OK, you are done the read and now need to send the file to us for editing.

Extracting Stock File from VFlash and Submitting for editing:

  • Using the USB cable, plug the VFlash to your PC
  • Open the VFlash PC Program.
  • Select button “Download from VFlash”
  • Confirm and select a destination for the file to be saved on your PC
  • Navigate to the file saved and rename the file with your VAP Order Number – VIN – First Last Name. Here is an example: 12345 – SAJWA6DA6A0000000 – John Smith Original Read.FPF
    • If you purchased the product from a vender, you would need to contact them and request the VAP order number. Failure to complete this process will lengthen the return of your file.
  • Be advised the file WILL be returned to the original purchaser. If you had purchased this file
    through a vender. You will need to open an account with us:
  • If you have an VAP account, navigate to this link below to submit your file:
    • Special Requests: this is the area you can note things like disable the Start/Stop system,
      remove a upshift notification for manual vehicles, operate only on 91aki or 93aki..etc,
      add in Pops and Bangs, Disable DPF/ADBlue/EGR. These are generic examples and does
      not mean all apply to your vehicle. If you are unsure, you would need to contact us
      before submitting your file to be edited, if you ask a question through the form, it will
      not be answered.
    • Modifications: Please note, we do not know which modifications are done OR being
      done to your vehicle (regardless of your order). You are requested to inform the tuner
      all mods the file needs to be edited into the file. Failure to mention modifications will
      result in your file NOT being adapted for those parts!!!
    • Once all information is completed and file has been added to the form, click “Submit”.
      Our file service returns are dependent on our load schedule. All files will be process in
      order received. Generally, our returning of your file will be 1-2 business days. Be aware
      when you submit the file, you WILL receive an email confirmation. Please make sure to
      find this email and whitelist the email address. The file when completed will be emailed
      and can fall into your Junk/Spam folder.

Uploading file to VFlash:

  • After receiving email for the mod file and downloading from your VAP account, your now ready
    to load the mod file into the VFlash and flash your vehicle.
  • Plug the USB to VFlash and PC.
  • Open the VFlash PC program.
  • Select “Upload to VFlash”
  • Select the mod file that you just downloaded to your PC from our server.
  • Once completed, your now ready to remove the USB and connect device with your vehicle.
  • Turn the ignition ON (engine OFF).
  • Select “WORK” on VFlash main menu.
  • Select “Writing”
  • Select the mod file, if more than 1 is present then select desired file.
  • Repeat the procedures as the “Read” process by confirming requests and cycling ignition when
    requested by VFlash.
  • Once process is complete, you are safe to remove the VFlash from vehicle.
    • If you notice the check engine light active. Often you can start and stop the engine 5-6
      times back-to-back and the MIL will self-clear. If you notice the remote fob is no longer
      functioning, you can leave the vehicle sit in off state for 45 minutes OR remove the
      vehicle battery connection. These above steps have proven successful to us in shop. If
      you require further assistance, please send an email to [email protected]

Download instructions